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12 February 2012

The A to Z of me (just a bit of fun)

Oooh, 2 posts in one day! Saw this on another blogger's page and felt inspired to give it a go. So here's some info about me that you never cared to know...

A - Age - 28

B - Bed size - Kingsize, but I think I hog most of it to myself to be honest....

C - Chores you hate - Most of them. But if I had to pick just one...ironing.

D - Dogs - no dog. But I'd love a beagle.

E - Essential start to your day - first thing: it has to be a hot shower. Once I've arrived at work: I can't function without a big mug of milky Earl Grey Tea. At the weekend: poached eggs.

F - Favourite colour - it varies from day to day. Usually some variant on the brown/red/orange/copper spectrum. But I also love green...

G - Gold or Silver - Silver.

H - Height - 5' 3"

I - Instruments you play - none, sadly. I'd love to learn the guitar, but I apparently don't have a musical bone in my body. I got asked to leave my recorder group in primary school. Yes, I was THAT bad...

J - Job title - full time speech and language therapist, champion procrastinator, and part-time jewellery maker.

K - Kids - none. Yet.

L - Live - London.

M - Mother's name - Gail

N - Nickname - Don't have one.

O - Over night hospital stays - Thankfully, none as of yet. Fingers crossed...

P - Pet peeves - Rude people. Baked Beans. Waste. Ignorance.

Q - Quote from a film - "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!"

R - Right or left handed - Right.

S - Siblings - A younger brother. Ross.

T - Time you wake up - 6.20; soon to be 5.30 when I start my new job. Eeep!!

U - Underwear - Ummm.....yes. I wear underwear....

V - Vegetable you hate - love most veggies. But brussels sprouts are WRONG!!!

W - What makes you run late - Myself. I'm disorganised. And I faff. A lot.

X - X-rays you've had - None.

Y - Yummy food you make - I love to cook. I'll give pretty much anything a go. Except baked beans and brussels sprouts.

Z - Zoo animal - Giraffe. Though I don't really like seeing animals in a zoo...

Copy the list and add your own answers! It's fun!

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